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As Medical Examiner and Coroners increasingly find themselves needing to talk with the media, guidelines on doing so safely to reduce the risk of contagion is critical. Further, guidelines for talking with families who are often interviewed by media is also important in reducing the risk of contagion.


The aim of this project was to develop the first set of best practices specific to Medical Examiners and Coroners on how to speak with the media and with families following a death by suicide. 

Who is involved?

Medical Examiners, Coroners, Suicide Prevention Experts, Messaging Experts, Public Health Experts, and Media Professionals. 


  1. Conference calls, meetings, and surveys were used to collect information and data on commonly experienced practices.

  2. A literature review was also conducted on language and safe messaging standards.

  3. Conducted a literature review and analysis of research nationally and internationally.

  4. Using a multi-tiered approach to arrive at consensus best practices.

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